Nos cierran «Quien me ha borrado en Facebook»

Ayer dia 23 de Julio, nos llegó este bonito email de parte de facebook obligandonos a borrar por entero nuestra útil aplicación de quien me ha borrado en Facebook, que la verdad, era bastante útil y sencilla, para saber a quien le caemos mal, o es un poco traidor entre otras cosas.

He aquí el mail en cuestión:

To the developer of application ID#80922097060,

We’re writing to inform you of a Facebook Platform policy violation
within your application, Quien me ha borrado?.

Our terms and policies are in place to ensure that Facebook Platform
serves users well, allows applications to thrive, and provides a great
experience for all involved. Unfortunately, we have determined that
your application does not meet our terms and policies.

Specifically, your application is in violation of section II.2.8.1 of
our Platform Guidelines
since it reveals friends that have been removed. Facebook does not
notify users when they have been removed as a friend, and your
application circumvents this privacy setting. We therefore request
that all friend-remove functionality be removed from your application,
which may require you removing the application entirely from Facebook.

We trust and expect that all applications managed by you and your team
meet our terms and policies, so we appreciate in advance that you
proactively ensure that this is the case in the future.

Please make this requested change by 10:00am Pacific Time Friday, 24
July 2009. When you have done so, please let us know by replying to
this email.

We realize that this is a short timeframe, but it is important for the
sake of our users and other developers that this issue is resolved
quickly. If you cannot resolve this by the above deadline, your
application may be subject to enforcement actions, including but not
limited to being disabled.

Please reply to this email to let us know you have received this
notice, and let us know if you have any questions.


Facebook Platform Policy Team


Creeis de verdad que esto es normal? 😛 De todas maneras intentaremos extrapolarla con facebook connect en una web externa o algo similar, os tendremos informados.

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